About Us

Firm Profile

What is KPNB?

KPNB is a firm set up by four chartered accountants with a focus to contribute value, as the clients perceive it and achieve excellence in servicing clients, so as to become their trusted advisors and business partners.

How it functions

The ideology is to keep things simple and we implement it through the following approach –

  • Understand our clients’ business,
  • Comprehend the requirements,
  • Identify solutions, and
  • Partner in selecting and implementing the optimum solution

Our Vision

In today’s dynamic world, with even more dynamic and constantly changing legislations, we at KPNB wish to become the advisors of choice for our clients, by partnering them in

  • Keeping abreast of the changes in relevant laws
  • Assisting in being compliant,
  • Working together to find solutions, and
  • Optimise the organisation’s potential

Meet the team.